We all know “Milk Does A Body Good” and many of us know Yakima County is a top dairy producer.  In fact, Yakima Co. – with 72 dairies and 95,000 cows – is one of the largest dairy-producing counties in the nation.

Yakima dairy farms produced 2,126,403,303 lbs. of milk or 38% of the state’s annual total (2009).   But did you know there is a potential new use for milk...something that might go better orange juice than with cookies.  Look east across the Atlantic where a farmer in England has created a new kind of vodka that is made entirely from cow milk.

According to Black Cow's website, the liquor is the first pure milk vodka made entirely from grass grazed cows. Jason Barber, the dairy farmer responsible for the drink, spent three years working on the vodka after being inspired by a documentary about Siberians using yak milk to make vodka.  No less than James Bond himself, Daniel Craig and British beauty Liz Hurley are reportedly big fans of Black Cow. (New York Daily News)