(Netscape) Violent video games are in the news again over concern they may influence the more unstable among us to take up violence ourselves.  What’s a worse threat is a left handed video game player!  Left-handed people are able to think much more quickly when playing computer games and any athletic sport than are their right-handed friends, according to new research from Australia. The BBC News reports that it seems that connections between the left and right sides of the brain are faster in lefties and that makes them more efficient when dealing with multiple stimuli. Which at last provides an excuse for me as to why my wife thrashes me in every video game we have ever played!  We don't play violent games so it is even more embarrassing for something soft and fuzzy to destroy me.In addition left-handed volunteers were far better than their right-handed counterparts at processing information across the two sides of the brain., something that is much harder for right-handed people to do. So my dear you aren’t “better” than me, you are just left handed…and that’s gonna cost you…about 5-7 years less in life span on average! 

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

So gloat while you can!