There are those in Europe and other places around the world with an inflated sense of self importance that see us as “ugly Americans” but maybe we have heard it for so long that we are starting to live, down the claim.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

  A survey sponsored by the Italian wine brand Ecco Domani finds that 79-percent of American adults surveyed said they have seen a decline in manners and etiquette over the past few decades. Sadly I agree.  The greatest generation is passing and they are taking our civility with them.


 Sixty-five percent of respondents said generations younger than their own generally have poor manners, and 61-percent said they wished they put more effort into maintaining their personal appearance.


 Additionally, 48-percent of respondents said they have not sent a handwritten thank-you note within the past year - or ever, and 46-percent of men said they never or rarely stand up when a lady leaves the table. The survey was given to one-thousand adults between ages 25 and 55. (UPI)