I guess maybe it’s why I’m so at ease.  I don’t itch and I don’t twitch.  No ticks or jerks.  Nope.  My body language is that of …a man with no money! It’s true.   According to a recent study, scientists say that body language says it all…and that folks with money tend to be more “fidgety”.

Liu Jin-Pool/Getty Images

According to the findings, rich people can afford to make a bad impression, so they don't make any effort to appear interested in other people's conversations and are often distracted.  Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley claim that's why the posh people don't put on their listening caps during chit chat. Instead, they doodle, yawn, pluck at their clothes, play with their hair, check their watches, and restless twitch, fidget, fiddle, jiggle or squirm.

In contrast, less well to do folks (like me and probably you) sit up, make eye contact and take careful notice of what other people say so they can carry on a polite conversation. Amazingly, the fidget factor alone predicted a person's economic status almost perfectly, say researchers, who reviewed videotapes of 50 conversations between strangers.