A man named John Izzo wrote a book entitled, “The 5 Secrets You Must Know Before You Die,” in order to find out what makes people happy.  He interviewed a couple hundred people who describe themselves as truly happy to find “the secret to happiness”.  Some of this you have no doubt heard before, but for the record and from the book, here is what they said…• Get outside yourself. Obsessive focus on one’s self is one of the greatest sources of UNHAPPINESS. You can’t be happy wallowing in your own problems – go focus on something or someone else.

• Stop judging your life. Life is not a contest - it is something to be enjoyed. So be in a place of gratitude and be thankful for all the things you DO have.

• No regrets. It is better to take a risk and fail than to never try and always wonder, “What if…?”

• Give more than you take.