“Charmed, I’m sure. Isn’t that charming? I’ll have to send you to charm school.”We’ve heard it said and perhaps said it ourselves but just what does it mean to be “charming”?  It’s more than manners, more than politeness and more than a gift of gab.  You may not know how to define it but you probably know it when you see it in action.  But thanks to Margaret Renkl of the Ladies Home Journal we can all recognize the Five Traits of Charming People.


1. A Sense of Humor
More important than poise or social ease, being funny attracts people like magnets. Make someone laugh, and you'll have an admirer.  Not all funny people are charming, but they are original and originality is a primary element of charm.

2. Insight and Passion
A charming person has a unique ability to be fully engaged in the moment. They tend to be highly intelligent, curious and creative. They are able to see disparate connections. They are filled with energy, life and exuberance--and these qualities are contagious.  "Charming people make other people feel more alive."

3. Effortless Social Grace Your mother called it poise. A poised person knows exactly what to do and what to say in every social situation, no matter how awkward or strange. Such a person projects self-confidence, which makes others feel comfortable.

4.AnInterest in Others

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   It's all about putting people at ease.  A charming person is a sparkling conversationalist.  A charming person listens intently to the answers, giving her full attention. She makes her acquaintance feel treasured.

5. Curiosity About the World  Being deeply curious about all things is a trait of charming people--from trying new foods to reading books to meeting people. They always want to know more, and that attitude is contagious in that it inspires in others a sensation of energy, deeper engagement and greater curiosity