Keystone/Getty Images

Have you ever told someone they were driving you crazy?  Me too…and perhaps the same person?  Agreed. But the truth of the matter is—they may very well be doing just that! Researchers at the University of Southern California say a if there’s someone irritating in your life – limit your exposure to them because annoying people could be messing up your brain. I knew it!

But before we drop the entire blame on them, better review how the science works. Researchers say whether we realize it or not, we tend to mirror the people we’re interacting with. If that person is a jerk, it throws our brain and that mental reflex a curve ball.  Didn’t see that coming.

The U.S. C.-ers say that when we’re around people we don’t like, our brains actually slow down in a mental act of protest. The good news is, the brain damage is temporary.  Insert favorite “that guy” joke here! Not only will you get back to normal when the jerk leaves, your brain activity can speed up and even improve by interacting with someone you really like.  Sounds like an open invitation to call the Morning News with Dave and Lance!