I have been drinking a lot of iced tea and sipping tea/lemonade lately as I try to wean myself from soda. I think it’s helping me to not feel so full…so naturally now my mind sees and hears “tea” references everywhere!

Back in the day, the rock group Three Dog Night had a song that included the lyrics “pour some whiskey in your water, sugar in your tea,

Paul Kane/Getty Images

what’s all these crazy questions you’re askin’ me?”  One of the questions that should have been asked is “Can I add milk to my tea too?”  Many people take milk in their tea but in case you missed it, scientific research revealed that adding milk to your tea cancels out the cardiovascular benefits we get by drinking it straight up.

The same can’t be said for coffee. The researchers put milk in their coffee to the test and determined that it does NOT interfere with the health benefits. But..but I don’t like coffee!  Too bad because the hardy antioxidants in coffee don’t react to the proteins in the milk. The healthy compounds in both black and green tea are more finicky – and adding milk shuts them down and prevents our bodies from absorbing them.  So…hold the coffee, cream and sugar and pour me some tea straight!