Does your new look for 2013 include jeans and a t-shirt? Perhaps it should. According to a recent survey, 58% of women say blue jeans and a t-shirt is the sexiest clothing men can wear.   That is a pretty high percentage but need we add that you should be in shape enough to wear them well!  19% prefer their guys in a stylish shirt and pants, and 17% say a suit and tie is best.  

Other survey results to consider:

  • A clean-shaven face is preferred by 42%, while 31% like it to be a little rough on the chin.
  • 40% say a chest hair trim is fine by them, while 28% say a man's chest is supposed to be hairy. Another 22% would like to see their man hairless.
  • 63% of women would like to see mens' eyebrows groomed.
  • When it comes to back hair, 55% of women say hairy men should wax, trim or pluck it if it pokes out of their collar, and 35% say any back hair is too much.
  • 48% of the ladies like boxer briefs, while 46% prefer plain old boxers.
  • 77% of women say too many men use way too much cologne, a turn-off.
  • 92% nixed leather pants.