Stress can make cowards of us all and yet when the pressure is on, the senses are on high alert, sweat is on the brow there is something so very simple you can do to get control.  According to M.J. Ryan, author of “Adaptability”, the simple act of taking 3 deep breaths can work wonders.  Under stress, when “fight or flight” is triggered, we flood our system with stress hormones and breathing becomes extremely shallow.  Deep breathing is the quickest way to experience the body’s relaxation response.Ryan says when we breathe slowly and deeply on purpose, we signal our bodies and minds that it’s ok to calm down. We bring more oxygen to our brains and slow our heart rate. Our muscles relax, at least a little and it helps create the ability to face our challenges with persistence, calmness and acceptance.  Source: M.J. Ryan author of “Adaptability