As the father of a 3+ year old dynamo I’m always on the lookout for tips and ideas to be a better parent.  The goal is – Don’t turn out like dad!  Perhaps my search will help you with your kids or grandkids…here’s the latest from Dr. William Sears author of “The Successful Child”.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Dr Sears says one key ingredient to raising a successful child is getting the child to connect with people – not things.  Sears believes many kids today are much better relating to technology than they are to people. Sound familiar? Why is that a problem? Because when you connect with people you learn empathy – the ability to understand how OTHERS feel. 

Without empathy, it is very difficult to navigate through life and become a successful adult. Lack of empathy may very well be at least part of the reason for increased school violence, bullying and other anti-social behavior.   It makes sense that if kids don’t relate to how their actions make other “real” people feel, there will be nothing to stop them from cruel or reckless behavior.