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Cold and Flu season is here.  Pay attention to your body and as some experts say, the minute you suspect a cold or virus  – check your diet.   While  you can’t eat your way out a cold, what you eat from here on in could help determine the severity and length of your symptoms. The first thing the experts say is to cut back on fatty foods and start snacking on the stuff that will actually boost your immune response.  “Melina Jampolis, author of “The Calendar Diet,” says go for orange, yellow-orange and deep green produce. Those are the highest in the symptom-busting antioxidants you will need right away, including vitamin C, E and beta-carotene.”

Drink plenty of fluids too – but this may surprise you…it did me…skip the juice. Blame it on the sugar.  The added sugars will hinder white blood cells from fighting infection. Water and tea are your best options.