Sleep Country

Years ago before I got into Radio and TV I was considering a career in psychology.  I earned a degree and am still and fascinated by the workings of the conscious and unconscious mind.  Dream interpretation and significance was of particular interest.   I’m not alone.  Researchers at Harvard Medical School say if you think dreams are just fluffy fantasies you're wrong. Dreams are full of meaning and can make you smarter and spur creativity by linking thoughts and ideas you'd never connect when you're awake, say experts. "The waking mind is thinking inside the box," says Professor David Kahn. "The dreaming mind is thinking outside the box." Dreams can spark insights and solutions to problems, as well as trigger new imaginative ideas. A sleeping Paul McCartney actually heard the music for the Beatles' hit song "Yesterday" in a dream. He woke up and immediately wrote it down.

Over the years I have been able to program my mind to work on solving creative problem while I was asleep and more often than not, I wake up with the answer…how cool is that!  Not sure HOW it works, just glad that it does!