We love our lady listeners, but by and large, news talk radio is targeted at men. That explains the nature of many of the posts you read here, including this comparative look at the “Manliest Cities” in the country. This year’s study provides updated rankings, using new and revised criteria to allow a fun way for the men of America to know exactly where they stand coast-to-coast. 

The study was commissioned by Combos®, a cheese snack company, with Sperling's Best Places, which for more than 18 years has been analyzing and rating data about people and places.Yakima is not on the list, but Seattle is, and at a less than manly #41 - just one spot above all the weasels in Washington, D.C.. Heck, even Portland is rated more manly than Seattle at #37! The top spot goes to the home of country music, Nashville, TN. Check it out.


  1. Nashville, TN
  2. Charlotte, NC
  3. Oklahoma City, OK  
  4. Memphis, TN
  5. Columbia, SC
  6. Cleveland, OH
  7. Birmingham, AL
  8. Milwaukee, WI  
  9. Houston, TX  
  10. St. Louis, MO
  11. Indianapolis, IN
  12. Toledo, OH  
  13. Louisville, KY
  14. Cincinnati, OH
  15. Kansas City, MO  
  16. Pittsburgh, PA  
  17. New Orleans, LA  
  18. Columbus, OH
  19. Salt Lake City, UT  
  20. Philadelphia, PA  
  21. Dallas, TX
  22. Richmond, VA
  23. Atlanta, GA
  24. Chicago, IL  
  25. Detroit, MI  
  26. Dayton, OH  
  27. Providence, RI  
  28. Baltimore, MD  
  29. Grand Rapids, MI  
  30. Orlando, FL
  31. Denver, CO
  32. Phoenix, AZ  
  33. Jacksonville, FL  
  34. Buffalo, NY  
  35. New York, NY  
  36. Minneapolis, MN  
  37. Portland, OR  
  38. Las Vegas, NV  
  39. Tampa, FL  
  40. Harrisburg, PA  
  41. Seattle, WA  
  42. Washington, DC  
  43. Sacramento, CA
  44. Miami Beach, FL
  45. Boston, MA
  46. Rochester, NY  
  47. Oakland, CA  
  48. San Francisco, CA
  49. San Diego, CA
  50. Los Angeles, CA