Ok, it’s done but I’m not happy about it.  I don’t play Monopoly very often and when I do I always try to “be” the battleship.  I don’t have a vested interest in the “iron” but to think that it has now been replaced by a cat…unacceptable!  It’s not that I hate all cats…just the one I am forced to live with. 

John Moore/Getty Images

I had a favorite cat as a kid because it lived in the barn, bore cute kittens in the hay loft and fed itself with wild game.  We called her “the mighty hunter” and she was all that and more.  She was killed in a truck accident and I cried when she died…so IF the monopoly cat was a tribute to her I could maybe accept it.  But most cats in general and virtually all indoor cats and especially my wife’s cat are a pain in the ….well, let’s just say they are cats. In fact, I would rather iron a cat than live with one.  Monopoly, you let me down…like all cats do.