We recently learned that 70 is the new 30…(right) but when it comes to some guys, 50 is the new stupid!  When it comes to the male of the species, for many, turning 50 also means men get more competitive than ever.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

In a recent study by researchers from the University of Oregon, middle aged men proved to have a more fierce desire to win than either younger or older dudes."Successfully engaging in competition is critical for establishing social dominance. It is plausible that with this comes an increased taste for competition," says the researchers' report. The experimenters gave men and women of varying ages the choice to solve puzzles to win prizes, or compete against an opponent, only scoring a reward if coming out the victor. More men age 45 to 54 chose to battle it out with another.

"The result suggests that men and women use different information to decide whether or not to compete. "Men do so without much regard for their actual probability of winning, whereas women take this aspect into regard."

So the concept of middle age crazy is alive and well and it may be brewing at the desk next to yours