Whoa…wait just a minute! It’s not even December yet and they have a list of the best and worst days to shop this season?  How do they know?  And who are “they’? Now I’m not arguing against the idea of a list of good/bad shopping days, it just seems a little, well, early to me. 

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Truth be told, a guide to avoid long lines, picked over merchandise and grumpy people seems like a pretty good idea.  The people who know in this case are the people at ShopperTrak who say if you can make a trade off of discounts for inner peace, then here is a list for you to consider!


The 5 Best Days to Shop This Holiday Season

  1. 1.     Tuesday, December 4
  2. 2.     Thursday, November 29
  3. 3.     Monday, Dec. 3
  4. 4.     Wednesday, Dec. 5
  5. 5.     Thursday, Dec. 6

The 5 Worst Days to Shop This Holiday Season

  1. 1.     Saturday, Dec. 22
  2. 2.     Saturday, Dec. 15
  3. 3.     Saturday, Dec. 8
  4. 4.     Wednesday, Dec. 26
  5. 5.     Sunday, Dec. 23