Valentine’s Day is a popular day for marriage proposals.   If you asked or answered, congratulations! Love is grand…and love is supposed to be blind ..but science says loves really seems to like what it sees in the mirror. According to psychologist Dr. Hans J. Eysenck, people have a tendency to wed mates who are a lot like themselves.

Mark Renders/Getty Images

Based on studies in England and the U.S. and his own study of 560 married couples, Dr. Eysenck found married couples tend to have these factors in common:

  • Intelligence -- Men of average intelligence marry women of average intelligence, intelligent men marry intelligent women, etc.
  • Age -- The age difference between partners is usually within three years.
  • Marital experience -- A divorced person is likely to wed another divorced person, while a person who's never married tends to wed another never-married person.
  • Religion -- Despite the growing numbers of interfaith marriages, religion still plays a big part in choosing a mate.
  • Educational, social, economic and ethnic background -- That's because people often marry someone from their own neighborhood, and so the chances are that person will have a very similar background.
  • Physical appearance -- Only rarely - and mostly in fairytales - does beauty marry the beast. What's more, people tend to marry someone with the same hair and skin color.