Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Unemployment continues to run high.  Jobs are tough to find.  It’s a jungle out there so every little detail matters when going for that interview…including the color of the clothes you wear.  Really! The job hunt experts at have the color-coded interview strategies for us:• Blue: You can’t go wrong with navy. It projects an image of someone in control, yet calm, stable and trustworthy.

• Gray: It’s the next best choice after blue. It’s not distracting and it suggests sophistication.

• Black: Wear it wisely. It’s a commanding color and represents authority – but it can also scream drama. It’s better to use black as an accent rather than the primary color.

• Red: You WILL be noticed, so be careful. Use it sparingly because it is associated with passion, desire and aggression.

• White: It’s a safe choice for shirts and blouses if you’d like to convey your simplicity, cleanliness and precision.

It’s a good idea to save the less basic or bright colors for after you get the job – unless you’re interviewing for a highly creative position. The same goes for vibrant patterns and trendy accessories.