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I suppose I am showing my age but to me, the essence of hot-sexy-beauty is an image of a pretty woman in bright red lipstick…think Marilyn Monroe.  Now not everybody can pull off the blood red lip look and some of those who can are tempted to hold on too long to the look.  In fact some new survey results from UK beauty product company, Nuture Replenish Skincare, suggest that women think they should stop wearing red lipstick at age 59. Seems a bit high to me. Fellas?  But then the survey sample was skewed a bit if you ask me.  The survey had two-thousand participants, all were women age 45 and up.  59 seems to be the year to jettison all the trapping of youth, including  high heels, tight clothes, and fake nails. Eighty-percent of women surveyed said they felt they needed to abandon "younger" styles as they grew older. (Yahoo)