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Ok, show of hands…how many of you would keep working if you won the 550 million dollar Powerball?  Believe it or not, some people would…people with meaningful work, who love their job, their co-workers and the sense of satisfaction their work provides. 

Sadly, those people are in the minority.  According to a study conducted by,  too many bosses are leaving Americans feeling unappreciated, uninspired, lonely, and miserable . How bad is it?  64% of U.S. adults young and old are unhappy at their job -- and they say their bad bosses are primarily to blame.

So, the hardcore boss might say quit your whining and get back to work! But this is more than workplace whining….in fact it has a big effect on the bottom line. Unhappy employees are not as productive and that is costing businesses nationwide a whopping $360 billion annually.    Ten stats painting an unhappy portrait of the American workplace.

  1. Only 36% of U.S. adults are happy at their job.
  2. 65% say a better boss would make them happier in the workplace, compared with 35% who would choose a raise to put a smile on their face.
  3. Nearly one-third (31%) of employees polled feel uninspired and unappreciated by their boss, and close to 15% feel downright miserable, bored and lonely.
  4. Only 38% of those polled describe their boss as "great," with 42% saying their boss doesn't work very hard and close to 20% saying their boss has little or no integrity.
  5. Close to 60% of Americans say they would do a better job if they got along better with their boss.
  6. Close to 70% of those polled said they would be happier at work if they got along better with their boss, with the breakdown equal amongst men and women. However, younger workers in their 20s and 30s skewed even higher at 80%.
  7. Over half (55%) of those polled, think they would be more successful in their career if they got along better with their boss, with 58% in managerial and professional careers saying so and 53% in service and manual labor positions feeling that way.
  8. In terms of the impact a boss has on employee health, 73% of those in their 20s and 30s said their health is at stake, while only 40% of those 50 and older felt that way.
  9. When stress levels rise at work, a disturbing 47% say their boss does not stay calm and in control.
  10. Only 38% think their boss deserves thanks for a job well done.