Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

So how’s the Christmas shopping going?  Me neither…and it looks like when we actually do get around to it, we will spend a little more on average than last year.  The National Retail Federation says the average holiday shopper will spend $749.51 on gifts, décor, greeting cards and more, up slightly from the $740.57 they actually spent last year. But we aren’t spending it all on cousin Jimmy!  Six in ten shoppers, the most in the survey’s history, plan to spend an average of $139.92 on “self-gifting” this holiday season.The biggest portion of the holiday budget will go towards gifts for family members, with the average person planning to spend $421.82 on their kids, parents, and other family members.

Gotta have a tree and stuff right? The average person will spend $51.99 on decor, up from $49.15 last year, and the most in the survey’s history. That means total spending on décor could reach $6.9 billion.

 And the most-wanted gift of all? Gift cards. Some 59.8% of those surveyed want to receive a gift card.  Maybe you’ll get one from me…if I get around to it!