The older I get the more this phrase makes sense to me. “Control the language and you control the debate.”  Political correctness and hyper sensitivity have us more on guard about what we say than ever in my lifetime.  Now it turns out there is a word you should never say at work…in fact it is being called the most dangerous word you could ever say at work.  What is it?  It's "try." Brad Hoover, CEO of, an automated proofreader and personal grammar coach says the word "try" is "short, sweet and fraught with peril"!

Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

Hoover wrote an article for Forbes magazine that basically says that when you use the word "try" on your resume, in a job interview or to the boss's face -- it shows you lack belief, passion, commitment and confidence.  Do I buy that? I’m not sure but I’ll try.

Hoover says there are 66 synonyms for "try," but "none of them are as convincing as words like do, believe, act, tackle, accomplish or succeed."