There was a martial arts comedy called The Drunken Master. It has nothing to do with this, I just find the title funny, but there is nothing funny about the aches and pains of arthritis. Naturally, if you are feeling stiff and achy you should have some drunken raisins. What? Drunken Raisins! Science meets myth, and the end results may be some actual pain relief.

It may sound like an old wives tale, but there is scientific evidence that gin-soaked golden raisins can actually relieve pain for most people suffering from arthritis. The sulfur in the golden raisins and the juniper extract in the gin result in a very effective anti-inflammatory. Yule Gibbons probably knew all about it! And If you get that reference, you are probably old enough to need some drunken raisins!The drunken raisin antidote will take a while to concoct. You’ll need to fill a shallow bowl with golden raisins, pour in enough gin to cover them, then let them soak for at least a week until the gin evaporates. Once they’re ready, store them in an airtight container.

The idea is not to pop them down like jelly beans, but to relieve the arthritis pain. Just eat 10 of those raisins a day for one month, then 9 a day after that. You might want to make sure you have another batch of drunken raisins brewing as soon as the first batch is done.  Pretty interesting, huh? Grapes made into wine have medicinal value, and grapes that missed the wine bus and turned to raisins can still be a prescription for pain relief. Cool!