Here is an interesting observation for you. Married people who have  kids are happier than married couples without kids and the more kids the merrier according to researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. The research seems to indicate marriage is key. Couples who aren't married, even if they are in a committed relationship and live together, don't find greater happiness through children.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

So it would seem a natural then that the married couples are having more kids in pursuit of more happiness but that is not true.  The number of unmarried couples with children has jumped twelve fold since 1970 and children are far more likely to live with unmarried parents than divorced ones. That's the finding of the National Marriage Project report by the University of Virginia and the pro-marriage Institute for American Values.  And what are Scottish researchers found was that is NOT a road to greater happiness!

  "There's a two family model emerging in American life," says family life project director W. Bradford Wilcox, an associate sociology professor at UV. "The education and affluent enjoy relatively strong, stable families. Everyone else is more likely to have unstable, unworkable ones."    Family values win again and society loses