Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Jameson Irish Whiskey

  I know dozens of parents who, at one time or another, have all joked about being driven to drink by their kids. But it seem like in the U.K. they aren’t joking!

A new report reveals that almost  a fifth of Britain's mothers and fathers believe drinking alcohol actually helps make them a better parent …a “fifth” get it!  How ironically inappropriate.   And how unsettling that six out of 10 parents claim their drug or alcohol use had no effect on family life. These are the kind of parents who keep the home fires burning…they just don’t get their breath near the flames!   Of those questioned, seven per cent admitted drinking every day .

Pour ‘em if you got ‘em… wealthier parents were found to be four times as likely to drink every day than poorer ones.  

 The charity which conducted the study is now calling for lessons of the dangers of alcohol abuse to be taught in schools as part of a 'major public information campaign'.