I went to see the new Batman movie today. It was just okay. I wonder if the horrific crime in Colorado curbed my enthusiasm? I’ll be honest… during a number of the shootout scenes I scanned the exits and mentally made a plan of what I might do if a nut job tried a copy cat crime here. We live in a gloriously free society, but as every parent knows (even Spiderman’s parental figures), with freedom comes responsibility, as well as the danger from lack of restraint by other free individuals.

The answer isn’t less freedom; It’s greater recognition, preparation and even practice.  I don’t want to ban guns… in fact, if some of the people in that theater had guns this incident would have ended sooner and with less injury and loss. It may seem like a hassle to have to have a tactical mindset, but bad guys roam in a free society too, and unless we are prepared to turn in our freedom in hopes that the bad guys are dissuaded by “rules & laws”, we had best be prepared to face them on their terms. Recognition – Preparation – Practice. Live free and be prepared to fight to keep things that way.