It’s no way to start a weekend.  The laughs won’t be as full, the chuckles not nearly as rib tickling.  And the moments of side aches and trying to catch your breath will be fewer and farther between.  One of the funniest fellows who ever lived has passed on.  Jonathon Winters, a titan of comedy on both the big and small screens, passed away at the age of 87.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TV Land

To examine the career of Jonathan Winters is to examine a half century of American comedy.   Winters became truly known for his work on television, guest starring on countless sitcoms, providing voices for dozens of cartoons and constantly working the talk show circuit and many will know him as a frequent Johnny Carson guest.  Where I have to say he killed me time and time again.  The faces, the voices, the total strange….you had to LOVE Jonathon Winters and he will be missed.