Its seems like only yesterday to me…Johnny Carson saying good night for the last time…he saw that fork in the road and he took it…and that upstart kid Jay Leno stepping in…but it’s been 21 years!

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

I guess time does fly when we’re having fun.  But just as with Johnny’s reign over late night, Jay too has discovered all good things come to an end.  NBC officially announced Jimmy Fallon will move to New York and replace Jay next year.

I missed Johnny and I’ll miss Jay.  Carson was the undisputed king and Leno has proven to be a lot more likeable than the snarky and mean Dave Letterman in my opinion. Fallon’s funny but there is a difference between east coast and west coast humor.  I think I’m more of a west coast guy…so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.  But I sorta wonder if Jay doesn’t have an age discrimination lawsuit brewing…one day I hope to demonstrate that you can still be funny at 62!