Spanning the globe, searching high and low and sometimes even lower to find the interesting and unusual stories.  So, are you one or do you know one of those hardnosed extra competitive guys.  They seem to push harder than the circumstances would require in a friendly game of hoops.  Well watch who picks him up after the game. 

Apparently these guys emit a special smell that attracts women. Recent research reveals that macho men, or alpha males, have a different body odor that allows them to be sniffed out by desirable women who believe they will provide them with healthy children. So man smells now, diaper smells later!

In the study by German researchers, cotton armpit pads were attached to athletes competing in a key tournament and guys who were not competing in a sport.

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

Women volunteers found both sweat samples to be "mildly unpleasant," but they became far more aroused by the athletes' pads.

The German university researchers say no one knows why the smells of aggressive, competitive men are more appealing, but theorize it may have to do with hormones and increased testosterone levels. Now, who’s up for a mastodon hunt?