You’ve reached the tipping point….you’ve made the decision….It’s time to work out.  Improved health, energy and mood are just one more decision away.  The question to be answered is – When?  When should you do your workouts? You’ve probably heard that morning is the best time to exercise and those who do are more likely to stick to their routine . 

 But what about those of us who work the early shift?  Our mornings are spent on the job…so what about evening exercise?  Good News. The experts at say that there are some real benefits to an evening exercise routine.

 • Your muscles are warmer and looser so you’re less likely to injure yourself and more likely to work out harder.

• People who exercise after dinner are less likely to snack before bed.

• Evening exercise can be very effective at clearing your mind and increasing the quality of your sleep.

If you do prefer evening exercise – make sure it’s evening and not night. Moderate to intense cardio can mess up your sleep and throw off your circadian rhythm.