Lars Baron/Getty Images

Want some extra help to push through on those New Year’s resolutions?  Men’s Health offers these tips on how to jolt your brain to peak performance:

  • Chew Gum: Chewing gum raises your heart rate and helps with short term memory recall.
  • Listen to elevator music: The “Mozart effect” refers to the boost in spatial reasoning power caused by listening to one of his piano sonatas.
  • Do brain exercises: This will extend your dendrites, the antennae of your brains neurons.

Easy enough to do, right?    Well, Men’s Health even provides a couple of brain boosting exercises… one of the right (artistic) and left (logical) sides of the brain.

Right Brain: Arrange 5 toothpicks into the numeral 5. Then rearrange them into the number 16, without breaking any.

Left Brain: find the proverb in this string of vowel-less letters: RLL NGSTN GTH RSN MSS