AH yes I remember it well…The trip to the doctor for the ultra sound to determine the sex of our baby.  The excitement, the speculation, the search for boy & girl names when all along, the answer to the question  “what are you having” was as plain as the nose on my wife’s beautiful face!  Allow me to explain why I could have/should have stopped my name search at Katelyn (my 4-yr old tornado)

John Medina/Getty Images for LPGA

Scientists say beautiful women are more likely to have baby girls than their …er…um…”less beautiful” counterparts.

A recent study of 17,000 women concluded that women who were judged to be less attractive in the looks department were more likely only to give birth to sons. Experts say the findings make sense from an evolutionary standpoint.   Since beauty is more of a benefit to women than men, it pays for good looking women to have female offspring.