I go to a lot of movies…maybe 50 to 75 a year? I go so often the kids know me at the ticket counter. I act out the movie’s title and they try to guess which ticket I need. It’s fun. So you could say I enjoy the movies before I even get there! So it pains me to have to speak negatively of any movie going experience but, this morning, I saw a letter to the editor in the local paper expressing frustration with one of the theater policies with eight or so readers commenting on the letter sharing the same reaction to having their purses searched.

That was enough to unleash my movie madness and no, I didn’t have my purse searched!

What happened was started by a klutz move. I spilled a full medium sized beverage by accident. So I’m already feeling stupid. I took the empty cup to the snack bar and asked about a refill. What happened next was both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

I was told I could get a refill BUT an usher would have to follow me into the theater to confirm the spill!  They didn’t believe me!  Or rather their policy didn’t allow them to believe me! A kind little lady in a wheelchair parked nearby heard the exchange and she said she believed me! I was stunned. I wanted to fight, but I also wanted to get back to the show…so I bought another drink and invited the usher to follow me to “Lake Pepsi.”

What follows is my telling of the story on the air.