I’ll be the first to admit I have sacrificed family time for work. I guess I got the habit from my father, the hardest working man in agriculture.  I’m trying to do better by my 4 year old but I do carry a sense of guilt for time lost with my other kids.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images For Texas Thunder

Now it seems there may be additional consequences for missed time. New German research finds that the amount of hours a father works can be linked with how aggressive their sons are.

To find this, researchers studied more than 1,400 children and found that those whose fathers worked more than 55-hours a week were more delinquent and aggressive than their peers. Researchers say the study did not show the same happening with girls, or anything happening in connection with how many hours the mother spent at work.

Researchers say more research is necessary to discover why this happens in males and to figure out how to treat it. (Daily Mail)