Last Saturday night's Cruise night on Yakima Avenue allowed a lot of people to recall part of their youth, and also brought hundreds of people to downtown Yakima on a beautiful summer night. Classic cars from all eras spent some time driving up and down Yakima Avenue last Saturday night, reliving an activity that used to take place every weekend in Yakima for many years. People lined up on the sidewalks in lawn chairs to watch the show.

"Dragging the Ave" was a weekly ritual of boys chasing girls, girls chasing boys and showing off cars. Unfortunately, the practice was stopped by the city in the 90s, citing safety concerns. So now, officially sanctioned cruise nights happen from time to time, mostly allowing owners of classic cars the chance to show off their rides and once again feel 17 years old.

My wife and I readied our 1968 Chrysler convertible, loaded up the sound system with tunes from the 70s, and hit the Ave. We weren't alone. Drivers and cars from all eras were on the street, enjoying the summer evening, and complimenting each other's rides.

The Teegarden's 1968 Chrysler convertible on the right.
Brian Teegarden Photo

Yakima police report the event without a hitch. Two more cruise nights, one in July and one in September, will also be held this year.

Will we see you cruising the Ave next time?

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