Imagine finding something you wish to purchase on craigslist, getting to almost the front door of the person selling the merchandise, and finding out not that the item had been sold, but it was never for sale to begin with. As our family has expanded (my wife and I recently adopted our fifth child) and is maturing, we felt the need to buy some more bedroom furniture. We found a nice item on craigslist, contacted the seller in Ellensburg and made arrangements to meet and see the item the next day.

Our oldest daughters were out of town at a church function, my wife's mother was watching our young ones, so off we went. We enjoyed our "alone" time on the drive, and the trip through Ellensburg's downtown. We were within a block of the seller's home when we got the phone call. "Sorry, but the piece of furniture I told you about really is not for sale." Something about the guy's Grandma not letting him sell it since she gave it to hime and now she wanted it back. Not a lot we could do then except call "Sam" every we name we could think of after we got off of the phone with him.

"Sam" would not have to deal with a very disappointed 7-year-old with ADHD, and have to tell him there would be no new bed in his room that night. Needless to say, we all survived, but are still a bit miffed at "Sam's" maneuvers.

If you have used craiglist, how have your experiences been? Good? Bad? Would you ever use craigslist to buy, sell, or advertise?

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