Yakima County Prosecutor Jim Hagerty is defending his offices handling of the Kevin Harper case. Harper has been the main suspect in the Goggin triple murder case.  On the
"Morning News"  this morning Hagerty criticized the ruling by judge Ruth Reukauf.  She denied a prosecution request to nullify a plea bargain between Harper and the State. "We believe she got it absolutely wrong in this case, we are going to appeal it, we are confident that we can be successful in this, we think that the opinion misses the boat."

Hagerty had agreed to the plea bargain on lesser charges  because he said at the time  he didn't have enough  evidence to  convict Harper of the  murders.
Judge Reukauf was highly critical of the prosecutors office handling of the case. Hagerty and the Sherrif's Office are convinced that Harper killed Bill and Pauline Goggin and his 98 year old mother Bettye during a robbery in February of 2011.

If Judge Reukauf's ruling stands, Harper will only get 7 years in prison for the weapons and stolen property charges which were part of the plea bargain.
Hagerty will be on the "Mike Bastinelli Show" today. Listen from 3 to 6 on AM 1280 and FM 99.3 Newstalk KIT.