Country Fresh Inc. of Houston, Texas and Pink Lady America (PLA) of Yakima, Washington announce the availability of branded sliced organic Pink Lady® Apples for the first time with the product launch coming in a market test at a major retailer.

According to Doug Burris, Vice President of Merchandising at Country Fresh, and Dr. John Reeves, PLA General Manager, this branded product is being distributed in the Midwest and Southeast. The importance of this introduction of Pink Lady® Apples impacts on a number of areas beginning with the inclusion of the Pink Lady® Brand.

This is the first time the brand has been applied to a sliced Pink Lady® Product, organic or conventional. Secondly, Country Fresh is marketing the slices in a ‘new concept’ re-sealable package, which adds a new level of convenience to what is already universally known to be a product with a healthy profile. This new package contains two pounds of apples and joins the Pink Lady Brand Apple Juice sold at a chain in Washington and Oregon as part of the value-added marketing program directed by Pink Lady America.