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There are a lot of truths and myths about breast cancer that you need to know about. Everything from who can get breast cancer to who is at a greater risk to your diet you think avoids risk. Teaming up with Washington Hematology – Oncology, here are five frequently asked questions about breast cancer that may be on your mind.


Can Young Women Get Breast Cancer?


Although breast cancer is more common in women over 50 years in age, women below 50 years old make up 25% of those with breast cancer. People of any age can get breast cancer


I Heard Caffeine Can Cause Breast Cancer, Is That True?


No. There hasn't been anything in modern research linking breast cancer to caffeine. Some research shows that drinking caffeine may decrease risks.


Can An Injured Breast Cause Breast Cancer?


No, although it may seem like it does. If you injure your breast, the trauma may have caused a lump confused as a breast cancer lump. Any trauma to the breast does not cause breast cancer.


Is Breast Cancer Preventable?


Although you can find factors at risk for you from family history or inherited gene mutations for you to make changes in your lifestyle to reduce risk, it's not preventable. It mostly happens by chance. Approximately 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer did not possess identifiable risk factors.


Is Breast Cancer Only In Lump Form?


Although breast cancer comes in the form of a lump, you should be aware of other signs and symptoms. Nipple and breast pain, inverted nipples, redness, scaliness, skin irritation, swelling, if you're breast skin and/or nipples thicken – all signs you may have breast cancer and should be attended to.