It’s not a pop machine, it’s a pot machine. And chances are one may be coming to Washington one of these days.A Colorado company has introduced the first-ever marijuana snack vending machine, which will soon be used at a Dispensary in Eagle-Vale. The Zazz machine, which was created by American Green, debuted last Friday. The machine includes technology that requires users to swipe their driver's license to verify their identity and age, but these machines won't debut on the street. They'll be inside licensed marijuana dispensaries.

"This takes a little pressure off of the people monitoring the medicine area so they don't have to look over shoulders," said Greg Honan, pot shop owner.

Customers swipe their driver's licenses. The machine's cameras match biometrics to make sure the person making the transaction and the owner of the driver's license are the same person. The customer pays by credit or debit card and walks out.

Products inside the machine — which could be edibles or marijuana — will be tracked with radio-frequency identification chips.  Since the machines will be inside dispensaries and require driver's license verification, creators say people don't have to worry about marijuana getting into the wrong hands.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images