A Yakima college student is working to make life better for children fighting serious illnesses.

A simple tattoo right near her foot serves as a permanent reminder for Mikayla Vickers to stay strong.

"When I think of Matthew, I know that I can get through things," Vickers tells KNDO News. "Like little things day to day are nothing compared to what he went through."

Matthew is just one of the sick children Mikayla has met since starting "Packages of Hope." She gets messages from parents of children who are battling cancer and then ships out a package filled with new toys, pajamas, tutus and other miscellaneous items.

Since 2011, Mikayla has shipped more than 150 packages all over the nation, and 100 more kids are on a waiting list.

"I get so many emails everyday asking if I can send to their kids, and they've heard about me from all over," said Mikayla.

"She's my gift. I did not deserve her, she's a lot different than I am or was," said Tracy Vickers, Mikayla's mother.

Sadly, many of the kids Mikayla helped have passed away.

"I think about them so much that it breaks my heart to think that they can't grow up," said Mikayla.

Even though it makes her sad at times, Mikayla said as long as she can put a smile on their faces and provide them with a little comfort, she'll keep going.