My fortieth high school class reunion is coming up this weekend, and unlike many people who avoid class reunions, I'm looking forward to it.

That's right, its been forty years since yours truly graduated from White Swan High School. White Swan is a small school located in the heart of the Yakama Indian Reservation. I think I got a good basic education there, but the thing I like the most about going there was the lifetime friendships I formed.  I've known most of the kids I graduated with since first grade, and went through all twelve years of school with them. Economically, most of our families were pretty much on the same level, so there was no divisiviness. Our class only graduated forty, so we were for the most part, a tight knit bunch. I'm proud to say that I've kept up relationships with many of my classmates through the years.

Class reunions are kind of interesting. At the ten year, you're still ruled by the high school pecking order. A lot of posturing. At the twenty year, things settle down a bit. By this time most of us are busy with life, jobs, spouses, and watching kids grow. At the thirty year, you start to compare your aches and pains and medical problems and some may have pictures of grandkids. I figure at the forty year, all pretenses are out the window. We're all approaching sixty, starting to think about retirement, and starting to attend grandchildren's weddings.

I'm really looking forward to attending my reunion this weekend, seeing old friends,reminiscing about school days, and catching up.

Hmmm. Wonder if its too late to join Hair Club for Men?

Have you attended your high school class reunions? Have you avoided them? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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