The City of Yakima Planning Commission will hold a public workshop on Wednesday,
December 11th,  at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers at Yakima City Hall to gather
public input on billboard and digital sign regulations.
The purpose of the workshop is to gather public comment on how billboards and digital
signs may affect community character and to determine an appropriate level of

The City currently has two moratoriums in place that prohibit the installation of new
billboards and digital signs while regulations are being reviewed.
"The look and potential impact of billboards and other signs is rapidly changing," said
Yakima Community Development Director Steve Osguthorpe, “and Yakima needs
regulations that allow signs to be incorporated into the landscape in a safe, attractive
and effective manner. LED technologies allow billboards to function like large television
screens and while this may be effective advertising, it heightens awareness of aesthetic
impacts and increases concerns for traffic safety,” said Osguthorpe.

Recommendations from the Planning Commission will be forwarded to the Yakima City
Council early next year. The Council is expected to hold public hearings concerning
billboard and digital sign regulations before taking action on the recommendations.