The Yakima City Council is expected to approve an out of court settlement over the Lincoln Avenue underpass project. Mistakes and delays set the project back causing it to be $2.5 million over budget and several months behind schedule before it was finished two years ago. The City of Yakima sued the contractor Berger A-BAM claiming negligence and incompetence. Instead of taking the issue to court both parties agreed on an out of court settlement. The settlement is for $1.35 million dollars.  Yakima City Manager Tony O'Rourke.

 "This sends a strong message to all contractors;  we welcome you to Yakima, we want you to do good quality work, but if you mess up at the taxpayers expense, you are going to pay. We want quality work for the hard earned dollars that the public pays for these improvements."

The trial on the cities lawsuit was set to begin June 9th. The Yakima City Council is expected to approve the settlement at it's regular business meeting Tuesday Night.

Meanwhile the Martin Luther King Jr. underpass project is under budget and on time and is set for completion in October.