The Yakima City Council will tackle the idea of banning e-cigarettes and marijuana vaporizers in regular meeting Tuesday.

Many cities, including Los Angeles, have banned e-cigarretes and vaporizers in public places.

The meeting will take place at city hall.

City officials say it is ultimately a matter of safety since it has yet to be proven if the cigarettes or vapor is harmful but Yakima resident Lori Bauer says she does not see a need for a ban.

“It’s more friendly for you. It should be more environmentally friendly so I question whether it should be banned.”

In an article in the Yakima Herald-Republic, Councilwoman Kathy Coffee says she is skeptical of a ban as she believes there are more important things the city should be spending its energy on. “I think we’re getting overexuberant as far as our policies on banning things.”