The United Methodist Church in Sunnyside is in the news today after a nearby dentist was concerned and complained to the city about the church being too loud. The church was told to quiet down after the dentist filed the complained saying the music during service was too loud making his patients nervous.

Reverend Patricia Beeman said the music is part of a Hispanic congregational service invited to use the church as a place of worship

Stevens said he did not want to penalize the church as a whole, he just wanted the right thing to be done. "We didn't think the church and the members we have here for so long should be penalized for something it appears their pastor should have been taking care of."

Earlier this month a judge dismissed the case, and the church moved their congregation to the other side of the building to cut down on the noise after Beeman was served a noise citation for $1,000.

"I expect the problem is resolved because the music is on the side of the church, I don't think there will be a future problem," Beeman said.

Beeman also said even though this has put a hardship on the congregation, the church is doing what it can to accommodate the community.

"The church is about reconciliation, and I think that's what we've achieved," Beeman said