Back in the day I used to use a predictive color test a parties to freak people out and to impress the ladies. (Lame, I know)  It said on the back of the book…Not to be used for Parlor Tricks …which of course is exactly what I did with it.  But here’s the thing…it was surprisingly accurate.  I believe the book was called the Luscher Color Test

Here is the low-down from Wikipedia : The Lüscher color test is a psychological test invented by Dr. Max Lüscher in Basel, Switzerland. Max Lüscher believed that sensory perception of color is objective and universally shared by all, but that color preferences are subjective, and that this distinction allows subjective states to be objectively measured by using test colors.  Lüscher believed that because the color selections are guided in an unconscious manner, they reveal the person as they really are, not as they perceive themselves or would like to be perceived.

Sounds pretty heavy I know but it was fascinating and not that complicated once you got into it.  In the full version of the color test, doctors were actually using color preferences to diagnose disease!   But more than diagnose, some cultures use color to cure

Modern medical practitioners are rediscovering the healing power of color, a technique that's been used effectively in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. Here are the ayurvedic colors and the conditions they treat:

  • Red -- boost energy and self-confidence. Use it to treat sexual dysfunction, anemia, depression, low blood pressure, asthma, chronic cough and skin diseases.
  • Orange -- promotes cheerfulness and happiness. It's effective against artery disease, heart problems, anorexia, kidney problems, menstrual distress, lung disease and lower back pain.
  • Yellow -- is associated with mental clarity and a healthy nervous system. It's helpful in the treatment of digestive problems, diabetes and arthritis.
  • Green -- brings a sense of peace and harmony. Surround yourself with green if you suffer from eye problems, tumors, joint pain and swelling or diabetes.
  • Blue -- calms and relaxes. It can banish headaches, muscle cramps, insomnia, throat problems and disorders of the lymph system.
  • Violet -- is the color of spiritual awareness and creativity. It cures insomnia, kidney and bladder problems and it boosts the immune system.