Crews opened Chinook Pass at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 17. It’s safe to say drivers can make travel plans over State Route 410 this weekend.

Crews spent the past five weeks clearing snow approximately 20 feet deep along the roadway and shoulder. Crews typically clear between 15 to 25 feet of snow from the summit.

 “Clearing efforts went pretty smooth and we didn’t run into any big challenges from the snowpack,” said John Stimberis, WSDOT avalanche specialist.

Drivers should be aware the potential for winter driving conditions still exists and watch for loose rock and debris along the roadway. WSDOT crews routinely monitor highway conditions along this stretch.

Chinook Pass is one of the state’s highest mountain passes (elev. 5,430 feet), a part of the SR 410 National Scenic Byway and one of the access points into Mount Rainier National Park. Commercial vehicles are prohibited through Mt. Rainier National Park.