Bored with the gym?  Want to add fresh air and some fresh mud to your workout routine?  There are any number of obstacle races out there to test your level of fitness and your tolerance for the basic elements of earth, air and water in a fine frothy mix caked into every nook and cranny!

Spartan Race

Look for names such as the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Ruckus, Warrior Dash, Hero Rush, Mud-Stash and Yakima’s own Pirates Plunder coming up October 5th.


The formula is similar across all brands…3 to 5 miles or more of running…hills are good...steep hills are better, and mud…lots and lots of mud.  Then there are the obstacles to go over, under, around and through to test balance, strength, agility and endurance. 


Check out the picture of my wife Sara, daughter Dacotah and son-in-law Justin who took on the Spartan Race this past weekend and they all can’t stop smiling over the exhausting but exhilarating time they had!  They all say they’ll be back next year.


Maybe I’ll join them next year…maybe not….but hundred if not thousands more will.  Are these obstacle challenge races a phase or a fad?  Time will tell…but in the meantime, there seems to be plenty of mud smiles to go around for everyone